1973 Kawasaki H1D – Candy Lime Green

1986 Honda CB700

1970 Honda 450

1967 Norton N-15

1968 Triumph Trophy – Riviera Blue And Silver Sheen

1968 Triumph Trophy – Riviera Blue And Silver Sheen   This tank came to us via Keith in Homer, GA. Keith has his own private museum and these bikes have to be correct. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1962 Harley Davidson Scat

1962 Harley Davidson Scat > (Before and After) The 1962 Harley Davidson Scat was a hybrid model motorcycle designed both for on-road and off-road riding. Introduced in 1962 along with the pacer and the ranger, the scat’s pacer-inspired design incorporated the pacer’s 175cc b-model engine in place of Harley Davidson’s 165cc Super-10. To increase its flexibility, the Scat had street-legal off-road tires, softer springs, and high handlebars. The scat also incorporated a higher front fender than the ranger and had a scrambler-style higher mounted exhaust. The scat offered the ranger’s extra-low final-drive ratio as an option. All around, the 1962 Harley Davidson Scat was a great-looking bike designed to suit a mix of requirements. This particular 1962 Harley Davidson Scat was sent to us by an old customer from Donie, Texas. This is how it looked when we got it...

1975 Norton Commando 850

1974 Holdsworth – 501 Renolds Aluminum

1978 Kawasaki KZ1000 – Luminous Red

1969 Kawasaki 500 H1

1967 Norton Manx Tank – Gus Kuhn

1968 BSA Spitfire MK IV

1968 BSA Spitfire MK IV   These parts came to us via Mike M. from Martinsville, IN. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1969 Triumph Bonneville

1969 Triumph Bonneville   These parts were sent to us by Brad A. of Bellville, Ohio. We met Brad at a trade show and he liked our work. Now he can enjoy it first hand. The parts are done in Olympic Flame and silver sheen. For other versions of Olympic Flame please see: 1969 Triumph Bonneville (Olympic Flame) 1971 Triumph T100 Olympic Flame < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1974 Husqvarna 450WR

1971 Triumph T100 – Olympic Flame

1978 Kawasaki KZ1000 New OEM Tank

1972 Triumph Bonneville

1974 Norton Commando Interstate

1974 Ducati 750GT

1974 Ducati 750GT   Bill A. From Cincinnati brought us these parts. The orange pearl doesn’t look too bad. It better look good at $182.00 a pint, right Bill? < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1971 Norton Commando 750

1971 Norton Commando 750 These parts were sent to us by brain R. an attorney out of Virginia. The fiberglass tank did not leak when we got it. This is a very rare one. We stripped the entire tank inside and out and sealed it with our clear epoxy sealer. The tank will for sure not leak for many years to come. Brian wanted the more simple looking paint scheme for 71. All logos and stripes were painted on and cleared over. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio