1970 Triumph TR6R Spring Gold

Tank Inspection and Sealant

1975 Triumph Trident

1975 Triumph Trident   This tank was in very bad shape when we got it. The tank was sent to the strip shop then sealed inside with our clear epoxy sealer. All dings and dent were repaired. Cherokee red candy was applied and finished off with Alaskan white scallops separated by gold pinstripes. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1975 Honda CB400F

1975 Honda CB400F   Dave Z. from Massachusetts sent us this classic. It got the works. He was extremely happy with the parts when he got them in hand. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1966 Triumph Bonneville T120R Alaskan White/Grenadier Red

1966 Triumph Bonneville T120R Alaskan White/Grenadier Red   This tank came from Dick in Andover, MA. The tank was reformed on the underside, sealed inside after de-rusting it and painted as per the factory specs. The aftermarket badges were also painted as per the factory specs. (See Dick’s testimony:  “It Looks Like a Piece of Motorcycle Art Work!”) < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee Limited Edition

1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee Limited Edition 1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee Limited Edition / Jubilee Tank / Jubilee Fenders / Jubilee Tank & Chain Guard   This bike is owned by B.R. Of Vermont. This is one of just 1000 limited edition bikes that was shipped to the u.s. In 1977 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth. Each bike came with a signed certificate from the queen herself. The paint is silver with red white and blue to represent the colors of the English flag. The fenders along with the chain guard sports the same paint scheme.   < Previous PageBack to...

1972 Honda Cl100 – Candy Yellow

Polyurethane Paint

1965 Honda CB160

1969 Triumph Bonneville – Olympic Flame

1969 Triumph Bonneville – Olympic Flame   How about this work of art. When we paint these parts we never know how the rest of the bike is going to look until we get the picture of the finished bike. No disappointment here. This is owned by Brad A. of Ohio. Nice job Brad. For other versions of Olympic Flame please see: 1971 Triumph T100 Olympic Flame 1969 Triumph Bonneville < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1965 Triumph T120

1965 Triumph T120   Pacific blue and silver is always a favorite for Triumph enthusiasts and John from Rhode Island is no exception. A different scheme for the fenders makes this Triumph unique. Newly chromed painted badges along with an epoxy liner makes this classic ready for show or go. Enjoy John!! < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1975 Norton Commando 850 MK3

1987 Ducati Luguna Seca

1987 Ducati Luguna Seca   This tank is off a collectors bike from Roanoke, Virginia. The limited production motorcycle is used strictly for off road use. It is autographed by macro Lucchinelli, a well known Italian Grand Prix champion. The info labels, the Ducati decals as well as the autograph were no longer available, however we were able to reproduce all of them. They were then clear coated to protect them from today’s harsh additives in our gas. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1952 Vincent Black Shadow

1972 Suzuki 750GT – Water Buffalo

1967 Triumph T120

1972 Kawasaki H2 750

1972 Kawasaki H2 750   These parts came to us via William W. From College Park, Maryland. This is a very difficult color to achieve because of the transparent candy blue but i think we nailed it. At least the owner thinks so. Let us paint one for you. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1974 Honda CB450K7

1974 Honda CB450K7   These parts are owned by Chris from Baldwin, Kansas. The bike these parts belong to has been a part of his life for many years. We not only restore parts and motorcycles we restore memories. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1968 Triumph Bonneville T-120

1958 Triumph T-110