1978 Triumph Bonneville T-140

1967 Norton P-11 – Candy Red

1999 Ultra Classic Custom

1979 Triumph 750 – UK Edition

1967 Triumph TR6R

1979 Honda 750 CB750K

1979 Honda 750 CB750K   This beauty came to us via Kent m. From Virgina. Kent will be receiving these parts shortly once he gets back from Thailand. Nice Christmas present, right Kent? < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1970 Triumph Bonneville T-120

1977 Triumph Bonneville T140

1977 Triumph Bonneville T140   This bike is owned by Steve W. From the Flint, MI area. This was his brothers bike who has passed on and Steve wanted to put it back to better than new condition. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1979 Kawasaki KZ 650 B3 – Persimmon Red

1970 Honda 450

1976 Kawasaki KZ900 – Diamond Brown

2003 Triumph Bonneville

1979 Triumph T140D Special

1979 Triumph T140D Special Orrin R. from Linfield, PA sent us this classic. It had a lacquer red paint job on it when we got it. I have seen worse jobs but how do you like it now Orrin? < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1971 Triumph TR6C Rejuvenation for Motorcycle Classics Magazine

1971 Triumph TR6C Rejuvenation for Motorcycle Classics Magazine Here she is! This is the 1971 TR6C we painted for Motorcycle Classics Magazine. Her first outing was to mid Ohio Vintage Days in Lexington Ohio. She really enjoyed it! We  were very excited about being a part of this project.  Motorcycle Classics Magazine rejuvenated a 1971 Triumph TR6C and we were chosen to paint the bike.  The progress of this bike has been featured in their Sept/October 2007 issue of Motorcycle Classics magazine. “Finally, it was time for the piece d’ resistance, our freshly painted tank from Precision Motorcycle Painting. Initially, we weren’t sure what color we wanted, but in the end we opted for stock Triumph Pacific Blue with contrasting white scalloped side panels. Precision’s Craig McGlothlen poured his talents into this tank, using modern paints with a deep clear coat to finish it off, and...

1973 Triumph Trident T150

1973 Triumph Trident T150   This tank is from a T150 owned by Keith B. from Santa Clara, California. The holes for the badges had to be tapped out and the badges refurbished. The red flashes are factory original even though most 73 tridents don’t look like this. Hours of research go into all of our paint jobs to assure the paint schemes are as close to original as possible. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1975 Honda Gold Wing – Candy Blue Green

1971 Honda CB 750 K1 – Valley Green

1978 Yamaha 650

1973 Honda 350

1969 Harley Sprint ERS

1969 Harley Sprint ERS   James S. from New York sent this classic Harley from 1969. Made in Italy these bikes are more popular then they were in 69. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio