1978 Harley Davidson SST 250-Origin-Nagasaki, Japan

1978 Harley Davidson SST 250-Origin-Nagasaki, Japan

This is a very special addition to our gallery becuase of it’s origin. I hear a lot of times from potential customers that they would rather deal with a local paint shop becuase of convenience and hassle of shipping. Nothing can be more of an inconvenience than poor workmanship and lack of experience when restoring vintage motorcycle parts.

Ian was very well aware of these problems and that is why he chose to send his parts to us from Nagasaki, Japan. We re-produced the stripes based on information ian gave us from memory. It took several tries to get them correct. Try to get that done at your local body shop.

Ian has some more work for us and if he’s reading this, we hope he sends it on to us. I would also like to add that the parts arrived in Nagasaki in perfect condition because of care in packing of the parts. If we can send parts accross the world without damage…….we can ship your parts without damage.

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