When a potential customer sees our gallery and reads our customers’ testimonies, they get pretty excited about getting their special bike restored or one they would like to purchase. Then after thinking about all the bad experiences they have had with shipping valuable objects and even motorcycle parts and bodywork, the excitement wears off. After all the shipping costs are a big part of the total cost of restorations and painting of motorcycle parts. But does it have to be that way? Our society is bombarded with ads from Fed Ex and UPS. These are two of the most expensive ways to ship a box or package.

box_2Take notice of the tote to your left under the box. My customer shipped that tote from Eagle River, Alaska. It cost him $82.00 with no insurance to ship it through Fed Ex. When I went to ship it back to him, UPS wanted $242.00 with $1000 worth of insurance and it would have taken 7 days to get there. Fed Ex wanted $270 with $1000 worth of insurance and it would have taken 3 days. That’s quite a bit of money added to the bottom line. We shipped this tote via the US Postal Service for $100.89 with $1000 worth of insurance and they picked it up from our shop on Saturday free of charge. The tote arrived in three days. I liked this and my customer liked this and the cost is something he can live with.

Let’s talk about damages. The heartbreak of getting parts restored or painted only to have them show up damaged takes a back seat only to getting a cavity filled. Here at Precision M/C Painting we do what we call damage control. Each and every tank, side panel, fender, and any other valiable part will be double boxed and or shipped in durable totes if the customer desires. When our customers are thinking about shipping us a job we invite them to call us so we can walk them through the shipping process. It doesn’t have to be painful. Our customers can even arrange to have the Postal Service pick up their packages from their home, and even on Saturday.

One last point of interest. The Postal service will not play games with the pricing. If it costs a certain amount to ship a package from Alaska it will cost the exact same to ship it back providing you have the same weight, size and insurance. Give us a call anytime if you have questions about shipping.

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