1971 Honda 750 – with Sandcast Paint Scheme

1971 Honda 750 – with Sandcast Paint Scheme These parts came to us via Lee in South Carolina. Lee has a number of bikes and has got some shoddy workmanship on several of his bikes by other paintshops and restorers. Lee wanted the color to be right on so he bought a side panel from Japan for a color reference (foreground). I think we matched it. What do you think Lee? < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1972 Kawasaki F-6

1964 Triumph Mountain Cub

1972 Kawasaki 750 H2

1983 Honda CB1100F

1969 Penton “Six-Day-125”

1969 Penton “Six-Day-125”   This tank came to us in extremely bad shape. After stripping inside and out we soldered and sealed all the holes. It then got the original factory paint scheme and factory colors only with 6 coats of clear for extra depth and protection. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1934 BSA Blue Star Gas Tank

1934 BSA Blue Star Gas Tank – (After) This is the finished tank. After a few months of touch and go with this project we have a finished product and a happy customer. The tank not only looks good it doesn’t leak either. Not bad for a 75 year old. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1970 Triumph Trophy 500

1970 Kawasaki H1 Triple

1974 Suzuki GT750 – Water Buffalo

1977 Honda CB400F

1972 Triumph 650 TR6R

1968 Honda CL350

1972 Norton Factory Racer

1972 Norton Factory Racer   We painted this beauty for a restorer out of Gary, IN. He said his customer was very happy. Thanks Christopher. Send us some more work. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1972 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

1972 Moto Guzzi Eldorado   (Before and After) This tank came to us in very bad condition. The chrome was rusted and pitted and the paint dull and rusty looking. After a lengthy process of cutting off the sides of the tank and getting them chromed, they were TIG welded back on and finished off to look like the original tank. The inside was then sealed with a clear epoxy sealer. The tank is owned by Bob C. of California. We hope he likes it.   < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1969 Triumph Trophy TR6R

1973 Kawasaki H1D – Candy Lime Green

1986 Honda CB700

1970 Honda 450

1967 Norton N-15