1971 Honda 750 – with Sandcast Paint Scheme

1971 Honda 750 – with Sandcast Paint Scheme These parts came to us via Lee in South Carolina. Lee has a number of bikes and has got some shoddy workmanship on several of his bikes by other paintshops and restorers. Lee wanted the color to be right on so he bought a side panel from Japan for a color reference (foreground). I think we matched it. What do you think Lee? < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1974 Kawasaki H1E 500

1976 Kawasaki KZ 900 Z-1

1975 Norton 850 Commando – John Player Scheme

1975 Norton 850 Commando – John Player Scheme   These parts are from a 850 Commando owned by Scott I. who resides in Tennessee. We applied a john player paint scheme, painted on the logos and protected it with four coats of clear urethane. The inside of the tank is protected with a clear epoxy. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1968 Triumph Bonneville T-120

1981 Moto Guzzi Monza V50

1982 Honda 900 Custom

1971 Triumph TR6C

1971 Triumph TR6C   Scott H. from our hometown brought this tank to us. There are several other examples of this scheme and color in this gallery but you can’t get enough of a good thing. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1979 Triumph Bonneville T-140

1979 Triumph Bonneville T-140 This bike is owned by G.F. from Gulfport, Mississippi. This bike will be featured along with 14 of G.F.’s other bikes, in motorcycle shows around Mississippi. The parts were originally silver and blue and after stripping to bare metal we fixed all imperfections in the metal tank and plastic side panels. After the necessary priming and blocking was done the red candy, double lined gold stripe, and black flashes were applied. The parts were then finished off with four coats of highly durable clear urethane and buffed to a mirror finish. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1978 Kawasaki KZ1000 New OEM Tank

1974 Norton Commando Interstate

1971 Norton Commando 750

1971 Norton Commando 750 These parts were sent to us by brain R. an attorney out of Virginia. The fiberglass tank did not leak when we got it. This is a very rare one. We stripped the entire tank inside and out and sealed it with our clear epoxy sealer. The tank will for sure not leak for many years to come. Brian wanted the more simple looking paint scheme for 71. All logos and stripes were painted on and cleared over. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1969 Honda CB 750

1938 Triumph Racer

1966 Honda Frame

1966 Honda Frame   Powdercoat or paint? A common question asked by people in the motorcycle enthusiast community. This frame was painted with a polyurethane paint that has an epoxy primer as an undercoat. This system offers a perfect match to the factory finish. We also offer powdercoat. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1965 Norton Atlas – Candy Red

1975 Kawasaki SC1 250

2003 Indian – Springfield Edition

1967 BSA Royal Star 500

1967 BSA Royal Star 500   When Bill M. from Illinois told us to match his 42 year old paint on his tank, i thought I bit off more than I could chew since all he wanted painted was the side panels. After several attempts we didn’t match the actual paint on the tank because it has faded so bad, however we did match what it used to look like. A challenge we face everyday. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1974 Norton Interstate

1974 Norton Interstate   Owned by a Norton Collector, B.H. of Grand Rapids MI. These parts were painted in candy red with painted gold logos and stripes. Clear coat was applied until all edges were undetectable. The tank was sealed with a state of the art sealer that creates a tank within a tank. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio