1971 Honda 750 – with Sandcast Paint Scheme

1971 Honda 750 – with Sandcast Paint Scheme These parts came to us via Lee in South Carolina. Lee has a number of bikes and has got some shoddy workmanship on several of his bikes by other paintshops and restorers. Lee wanted the color to be right on so he bought a side panel from Japan for a color reference (foreground). I think we matched it. What do you think Lee? < Previous PageBack to...

1973 Kawasaki H1D – Candy Lime Green

1970 Honda 450

1968 Triumph Trophy – Riviera Blue And Silver Sheen

1968 Triumph Trophy – Riviera Blue And Silver Sheen   This tank came to us via Keith in Homer, GA. Keith has his own private museum and these bikes have to be correct. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1975 Norton Commando 850

1952 Vincent Black Shadow

1967 Triumph T120

1974 Honda CB450K7

1974 Honda CB450K7   These parts are owned by Chris from Baldwin, Kansas. The bike these parts belong to has been a part of his life for many years. We not only restore parts and motorcycles we restore memories. < Previous PageBack to...

1987 Ducati Luguna Seca

1987 Ducati Luguna Seca   This tank is off a collectors bike from Roanoke, Virginia. The limited production motorcycle is used strictly for off road use. It is autographed by macro Lucchinelli, a well known Italian Grand Prix champion. The info labels, the Ducati decals as well as the autograph were no longer available, however we were able to reproduce all of them. They were then clear coated to protect them from today’s harsh additives in our gas. < Previous PageBack to...

2005 Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic

1971 Triumph TR6R

1971 Triumph TR6R   Our friend Buzz and Morrie’s place were behind sending us these parts. Pacific blue and Alaskan white are always a favorite with triumph enthusiasts. Look for this bike at the dealer expo in Indianapolis on February 13-16. We are proud to be a part of this project that will be auctioned off and all proceeds will go toward the Joseph Parkhurst education fund. < Previous PageBack to...

1971 Norton Commando – Fire Flake Roman Purple

1974 Holdsworth – 501 Renolds Aluminum

1969 Kawasaki 500 H1

1968 BSA Spitfire MK IV

1968 BSA Spitfire MK IV   These parts came to us via Mike M. from Martinsville, IN. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1974 Husqvarna 450WR

1974 Kawasaki 500 H1

1975 Honda Cb750K5 -Flake Apricot

1974 Honda CB550

1974 Honda CB550   These parts came to us via Mark B. who resides in the nations capital. The cap was re-chromed and the inside sealed. The freedom green was matched to a sample mark sent. That made our job easier. Thanks Mark. < Previous PageBack to...

1958 Triumph T-110