1971 Honda 750 – with Sandcast Paint Scheme

1971 Honda 750 – with Sandcast Paint Scheme These parts came to us via Lee in South Carolina. Lee has a number of bikes and has got some shoddy workmanship on several of his bikes by other paintshops and restorers. Lee wanted the color to be right on so he bought a side panel from Japan for a color reference (foreground). I think we matched it. What do you think Lee? < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1970 Kawasaki H1 Triple

1970 Norton 750 SS

1958 Triumph T-110

1987 Ducati Luguna Seca

1987 Ducati Luguna Seca   This tank is off a collectors bike from Roanoke, Virginia. The limited production motorcycle is used strictly for off road use. It is autographed by macro Lucchinelli, a well known Italian Grand Prix champion. The info labels, the Ducati decals as well as the autograph were no longer available, however we were able to reproduce all of them. They were then clear coated to protect them from today’s harsh additives in our gas. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee Limited Edition

1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee Limited Edition 1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee Limited Edition / Jubilee Tank / Jubilee Fenders / Jubilee Tank & Chain Guard   This bike is owned by B.R. Of Vermont. This is one of just 1000 limited edition bikes that was shipped to the u.s. In 1977 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth. Each bike came with a signed certificate from the queen herself. The paint is silver with red white and blue to represent the colors of the English flag. The fenders along with the chain guard sports the same paint scheme.   < Previous PageBack to...

1974 Norton Commando 850

1974 Norton Commando 850 This bike is owned by J.W. from Osceola, IN. The parts were originally metal flake blue from the factory. The owner wanted it black with gold painted on logos and stripes. The parts are then cleared coated with 4 coats of clear and buffed to a mirror finish.   < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1974 Norton Interstate

1974 Norton Interstate   Owned by a Norton Collector, B.H. of Grand Rapids MI. These parts were painted in candy red with painted gold logos and stripes. Clear coat was applied until all edges were undetectable. The tank was sealed with a state of the art sealer that creates a tank within a tank. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1979 Triumph Bonneville T-140

1979 Triumph Bonneville T-140 This bike is owned by G.F. from Gulfport, Mississippi. This bike will be featured along with 14 of G.F.’s other bikes, in motorcycle shows around Mississippi. The parts were originally silver and blue and after stripping to bare metal we fixed all imperfections in the metal tank and plastic side panels. After the necessary priming and blocking was done the red candy, double lined gold stripe, and black flashes were applied. The parts were then finished off with four coats of highly durable clear urethane and buffed to a mirror finish. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

Completed Silver Jubilee

Completed Silver Jubilee   This a picture of the completed bike owned by B.R. in Vermont. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1975 Norton 850 Commando

1975 Norton 850 Commando   This bike is owned by a collector from Fairbanks, Alaska. All stripes and logos were painted on to factory specs. It is candy apple red with light gray stripes and logos. The colors were matched by physically comparing the factory colors to paint chips until we found the right ones. No guess work here. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1973 Triumph Trident T150

1973 Triumph Trident T150   This tank is from a T150 owned by Keith B. from Santa Clara, California. The holes for the badges had to be tapped out and the badges refurbished. The red flashes are factory original even though most 73 tridents don’t look like this. Hours of research go into all of our paint jobs to assure the paint schemes are as close to original as possible. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1977 Triumph Bonneville T140

1977 Triumph Bonneville T140   This bike is owned by Steve W. From the Flint, MI area. This was his brothers bike who has passed on and Steve wanted to put it back to better than new condition. < Previous PageBack to Portfolio

1978 Triumph Bonneville T-140

1974 Husqvarna 450WR

1975 Norton Commando 850

1969 Triumph Trophy TR6R

1970 Triumph Trophy 500

1965 Norton Atlas – Candy Red

1968 Triumph Bonneville T-120